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“Vira Novin Teb Zagros” is the first and only LE TLC holder in Iran from the Ministry of Health.
“Vira Novin Teb Zagros” Corporation, based on the Almighty God and with scientific and experimental support for more than two decades of activities in the field of drug kits in 1390, has been preparing the infrastructure for producing diagnostic and confirmatory kits for psychotropic drugs and psychotropic substances in a manner Rapid Test and TLC, and then succeeded in producing LE TLC, which is a different and rapid way to confirm the positive samples of the screening stage, and for all its products, received quality approvals and manufacturing licenses from the Ministry of Health and Laboratory Health reference has been made.

Three Tests Product
Ten Tests Products
LE TLC Product

Skills and Strengths

“Vira Novin Teb Zagros” is a regional manufacturing company and provider of services and its main mission is to contribute to the diagnosis of drug and psychotropic drugs and, ultimately, to live better, longer, healthier and more enjoyable for the people.

Customer-based with respect and trust
Product and service excellence
Continuation of innovation and the production
Quality commitment and confidence

“Vira Novin” Is Not Just A Name , it’s A Concept!

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Factory Address: Unit 26, South Commercial Complex, Mahyar Street, 21st Monthar, Chahardangeh Industrial Park, Tehran

Head Office: 5th Floor , Unit 132 , After Bahar St , Somayyeh St Tehran
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